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As freelance Shopify Web Developer working in Birmingham area I have noticed a shift in business changes. As a Shopify Partner I have notice an increase in retail stores switching from Content Management Systems like Magento to Shopify.

Clothing Retailers In Birmingham Are Using Shopify

As a freelance Shopify Web Developer I worked with a number of clothing retailers in the Birmingham area that have chosen to use Shopify as their preferred choice for running their online clothing store.

The reach of Shopify online clothing stores in Birmingham goes beyond just selling clothes; Business selling all kinds of products from shower curtains to pens are seeing the benefit of using Shopify for their online business.

What are the benefits of Shopify to Birmingham Businesses?

The benefits of a Shopify website to any business are endless and I highlight a few of the main benefits:

  • If you have an existing online store migrating your product content to Shopify is fairly straight forward if you decide to use a Freelance Shopify Web Developer
  • Shopify is a subscription service so like a mobile phone you can pay as you go to reduce your out goings
  • Shopify provides many free professional looking Shopify Themes that can be tailored to your brand requirements with ease and quickly
  • Your Shopify store can be linked to a Facebook Shop and can help you sell on intagram without the need for separate shops as Shopify app takes care of this for you
  • The Shopify app store provides endless possibilities for your online store from shipping integration to apps that connect to the latest apps like SnapChat
  • Shopify has it’s own payment gateway without the need for you to setup an alternative payment gateway such as SagePay or WorldPay
  • As your store is hosted by Shopify it’s secure with a free SSL and any updates to Shopify services are hassle free and automatic
  • All Shopify stores are mobile responsive as standard
  • Your store comes with a free Blog without the need for WordPress or other blog facility
  • Shopify has a very user friendly interface to control your store
  • You can add a free online chat to your store
  • You can control your entire store by a mobile app

If you’re a Bimingham business looking to enhance your online presence with a Shopify store, and need a freelance Shopify Web Developer with several years’ experience designing bespoke Shopify themes then get in touch today for a free no obligation quote.

Post Author: Chilly Lemon