Freelance Shopify Developer

As a freelance Shopify Web Developer, I have worked with customers all over the UK including London, Devon, Wales and Birmingham to name but a few locations of my Shopify Clients.

As an experienced Shopify Web Developer with several years’ experience designing and building Shopify websites you can be assured, you’re dealing with an experienced professional freelance Shopify Developer with experience building bespoke Shopify themes as well as customising the many free Shopify themes Shopify providers customers to use.

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new Shopify store or looking for help with an existing Shopify store I can assist you with your requirements including migrating your Website content from another e-commerce platform to Shopify.

Shopify Web Design Services

Why Choose Shopify Websites

Shopify is one of the fastest growing online e-commerce platforms available in recent years. The founders of Shopify originally developed the platform to run their then own online business, but soon realised the power the Shopify platform could provide others.

Working as a Shopify Partner for the past few years I have been able to harness the power and functionality Shopify can offer.

Below are some of the key benefits of Shopify for your e-commerce business Website.

Shopify Usability

Shopify provides customers a great user experience with an easy to use user interface that customers log into via a Web Browser like Google Chrome or by using Shopify’s mobile app to many and run their Shopify store.

Shopify Costing

Shopify allows customers to pay monthly or annually with savings made if paid annually for Shopify subscriptions.

Shopify offers three monthly / annual price packages starting from $22 which includes all your hosting needs and a free SSL certificate.

Shopify Apps

Shopify users and Shopify Web Developers have access to unlimited apps they can use to boost the functionality of their website using free price plans and subscription-based features.

Shopify provides several free apps including Facebook Shops, Instagram connection and online Chat.

Shopify Themes

One of the main benefits Shopify offers is the ease of setting up a professional looking site should you decide to use any of the several free themes Shopify provides customers; These Shopify themes offer modern web designs and features including mobile responsive design

Shopify also has a Theme store that providers customers with access to professional themes that can be purchased and then tailored to the customers brand and look requirements at an extra cost.

So Why Choose Chilly Lemon as your Shopify Developer?

If you’re looking for a professional freelance Web Developer with many years’ experience designing and building commercial e-commerce Websites in Shopify you can be assured your Website is in experience hands.

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