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Shopify is a very powerful and professional online content management platform allowing anyone with or without technical and design experience to create a professional looking online store.

When selecting the right Shopify theme, it often comes down to your store’s requirements in terms of functionality and branding, as some Shopify themes are more suited to certain types of product ranges and retail business types.

Shopify currently has over 10 free themes that can be customised with your own branding and product range. Many customers new to Shopify achieve this with ease and with added Shopify Apps have a professional looking Shopify up and running in no time.

One of the most popular Shopify free themes is Debut as it provides a clean layout structure that can be altered and customised very easily making your Shopify store look unique even if one of your competitors is using the same Shopify Theme.

Another benefit of free Shopify theme is the costing as a Shopify customer the costing of buying a Shopify Theme or hiring the services of a professional Shopify Developer are reduced.

Although customers can pick up Shopify skills quickly and setup a store with ease many prefer to high the services of a Shopify Partner to develop their store. As a Shopify Partner the Web Developer has a lot of experiencing of building Shopify stores and can add extra features and look to your store that you may not be able to achieve yourself.

Shopify has many hundreds of professional looking Shopify Themes a customer can buy from the Shopify Store which start from £100, and offer more functionality and visual layouts that be harder to achieve in a free Shopify fee, and these themes are often updated too! The downside to professional purchased Shopify themes is that some do require a little technical assistance to achieve the best out of them which is where a freelance Shopify Developer with a partner account can assist you achieve the best for your website and business when it comes to running a Shopify store.

Post Author: Chilly Lemon